Wedding Shoes


Wedding Shoes

Consideration #1: Material

The basic features of your shoes should be black, leather and lace-up.

Consideration #2: Color

While black is the main recommendation, technically, if you’re keeping it traditional and classy, you have two options here – black or brown. A black shoe is considered preferable when you want to create a formal look.

Consideration #3: Shoe style

Oxford: It also known as the Balmoral, this shoe features closed lacing and is the most formal of all lace-up shoes. It’s a truly classic style that is most recommended by experts for a groom.
Loafer: It is actually an umbrella term for an assortment of slip-on shoes. While many variations of the loafer aren’t suitable for a formal occasion, you can find a few elegant styles that can really work with your wedding outfit.
Derby: Derby is similar to the Oxford but features a closed lace that creates two flaps wrapping around the shoe’s tongue. Not suitable for formal wear but would suit a more casual look if there is a theme of your wedding.


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