Wedding dress


Wedding Dress

Black Tie Weddings

  • Jacket: The standard tuxedo involves a black dinner jacket, made from high quality medium-weight wool. The jacket will come in a peak or shawl lapel, no vents, with a satin or grosgrain finish, adding a subtle sheen contrast to the matte jacket.
  • Trousers:Traditionally, trousers have a grosgrain stripe down the leg out seam to match the lapels. Avoid belt loops on your trousers and opt for a flat front style, sat high on the waist.
  • Shirt: The shirt front can be plain for a cleaner look, pleated if you want something fancier, or made from a classic Marcella fabric for a textured touch that won’t overpower your look.
  • Shoes: There’s not much leeway on shoe color for black tie – black is best.
  • Accessories: A Manuel tying (no clip-on) bow tie is the superior option for classic black tie.

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Semi-Formal Weddings

  • Suits: A dark suit is the foundation of a semi-formal look.
  • Shirts: Stick with a solid neutral color (white, black, grey, blue), a mild pattern (pinstripe or lean windowpane check), or a demure jacquard (a fabric weaved into a pattern motif). 
  • Shoes: Oxfords are the go-to choose for a semi-formal ensemble, and monk strap shoes can be worn for something a little bolder, sticking to shades of brown or black. 
  • Accessories: Sticking with the semi-formal pieces, there’s now some room for an injection of personal style.




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