• Best Tailoring Price

    Best Tailoring Price
    The price of shirts starts from 1250 Baht for a fine cotton fabric to range of higher quality cotton. The price of suits starts from 6500 Baht. The Price of shoes starts from 3590 Baht. The price of trousers starts 1890 Baht. The price of bracelets starts from 3500 Baht. We have varieties of accessories such as cuff-links, collar pin and tie.
  • Wedding Shoes

    Wedding Shoes
    Wedding Shoes Consideration #1: Material The basic features of your shoes should be black, leather and lace-up. Consideration #2: Color While black is the main recommendation, technically, if you’re keeping it traditional and classy, you have two options here – black or brown. A black shoe is considered preferable when you want to create a formal look. Consideration #3: Shoe style Oxford: It also known...
  • Classic Loafer Shoes

    Classic Loafer Shoes
    Classic Loafer – The Characteristics of classic loafer are:    Lace-less shoe  Low shoes, i.e. the ankle is exposed, and they do not wrap snugly around the ankle Separate sole  A low heel The upper vamp has a moccasin-like construction Sometimes loafers feature a piece of leather across the vamp, which is known as a saddle  Types of loafer: Penny Loafer - Their design included...
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