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Fancy Prestige 130's

Premium Fabrics available now at #BKKBespoke - Fancy Prestige 130's
Its fineness below 18 microns and its hand full of passionate impulses make this article the archetypal of Tailored Cerruti’s world.
The exasperated research in the yarns used is a multi-faceted and versatile proposal, where, thanks to the good performance and poor creasivity make it a good traveling companion.

iParty Jacquard Fabrics


Lanificio F.lli Cerruti has interpreted the world of the special occasion and event with elegance and expertise. Combinations of precious and natural fibres, plays of weaves and chintz finishing, which the company excels in, are the elements which convey the fabric luminousness and pleasure.

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BKK Bespoke tailoring includes precise hand cut work by our expertly trained tailors, producing each garment with the highest quality and attention to detail.  In addition to that, we use only the finest interfacing, linings, and trimmings in order to assure superior construction and durability in every garment we craft for our customers.

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