Shirt Plackets


The Plackets

Covered Placket (Fly Front) - Shirt @bkkbespoke
A covered placket is by far the most formal option, and can be used both for a classic shirt, as well as a tuxedo shirt (that is is you are skipping the studs). An extra layer is folded over to hide the front buttons completely.

Covered Placket


No placket (French Placket) - Shirt
The French placket is a classic, plain style, and definitely our favorite. Some people view this placket type as more casual, but we are all for a simplistic modern look in the office. This plain front can also be used for a tuxedo shirt.

No Placket


Visible Placket (American Placket) - Shirt
The American placket is a bullet proof choice for anything business, as it is considered a standard office style. It is also the perfect placket style to pair with a pocket and a button down collar, for a more relaxed look.

Visible Placket

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