More than just Shirts, Service-Oriented Bespoke Tailoring


It is not just a shirt or a suit. @bkkbespoke we provide Service-Oriented Bespoke Tailoring - You may reach us in Bangkok, Singapore or USA outlet. We consult and assist you with the best products and services we provide.
1. Fabric Selections - get the best quality fabrics, pattern and color in your way and your budget. 
2. Style up - bespoke your products, as per your designs or get the in-trend styles. 
3. Fits well - with 30 years of experience, we perform precise measurements - we get you the best fittings possible. Best fittings don’t make you look too baggy nor too slim - it is all in your comfort zone..
4. Suit up - Look well and best in the custom / bespoke products you have styled for yourself.
5. After Sales - you may reorder the products or consult us with the products details through WhatsApp or email: - anytime 24/7/365.. 
It is always our pleasure to serve you and your friends.. Thank you 😊



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