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You must be thinking that Bangkok is famous for custom tailoring and has numerous shops so basically you can simply just walk into any shop and get your suit made. WRONG!

How to find the right Sukhumvit Tailor?

You need to choose a shop with an excellent reputation that has been around for quite a while. You need shop where you meet friendly sales person and owner who will assist you pick fabric that will last you long, suites your purpose and keep your wallet happy. You need to make contact with the owner of the shop so that when they fly down to your country, you are notified. And get them to measure you at home and deliver your order to you in couple of weeks.

Fashion and Style

You need a wide range of fabrics and styles to select from and you want to take time in doing so, no rush! And most of all, you need after-sales service and someone to take responsibility if something goes wrong with the order.

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