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"Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you are wearing"

A good shirt separates you from the rest and it shows that you choose for quality. The shirts at BKK Bespoke are distinguished by their perfect fit and quality visible in every detail. Very fine stitching, unlimited choice of collars, cuffs, other details and an extreme wide selection of fabrics. In addition, the interlining of the collar and cuffs are adjusted to your wishes, season and fabric. We consult you about the appearance, the fabric, crease resistance, the fit and many other aspects. We measure your body at twelve points and we take a comprehensive look at your posture to ensure the right fit. Moreover, together we decide on the slimness of the shirt and the proper sleeve length. For our shirts fabrics we have 4 types of fabrics quality that are bronze which is 30% cotton and 70% Polyester, the second one is Silver which is 50 to 60% cotton, the third one is Gold which is 100% cotton and the last one is Platinum which is 100% finest cotton. The styles of shirt are proper fit of shirts, the classic fit, slim fit, the modern/ contemporary fit, super slim/ super fit. Shirt front – no pockets, 1 pocket, 2 pockets. Tuxedo & evening shirts. The shirts collars, cuffs and buttons.

Tips on how to care and extend the life of your dress shirts:

  • Before using your new custom shirt, wash it properly so as to make the material soft and remove any chemical from the material
  • Wash the material in lukewarm water. To preserve the color, separate the whites from colored clothes and wash them separately
  • If you are washing your shirt in a washing machine, use a gentle cycle to preserve the fabric of the shirt
  • Wash stains immediately before it gets absorbed in the fabric
  • Give your shirts for laundry instead of dry-cleaning. The chemicals used in dry-cleaning could be harmful to the fabric
  • Buy a custom shirt with a high thread count. This way the fabric will remain intact when if it is starched to give it a crisp look
  • Use a deodorant or cologne on your body to avoid antiperspirant stains on your shirt
  • To avoid embarrassing moments and the nuisance of loosing a button. Routinely check your custom shirt to see if the buttons are secure, or if there are any loose threads.
  • Use a bleach to make your white shirts look whiter. Do not use starch on dark colored shirts
  • Iron your custom shirts when it is a little damp to remove all the wrinkles
  • Use a wooden or plastic hanger to hang your clothes

Tips for ironing your custom dress shirts:

  • Use a steam iron for better results. Set the iron at the appropriate temperature according to the fabric of the shirt.
  • Collar: To iron the collar, starting from its underside. Iron away from the collar points toward the back of the neck area. Then turn the shirt over and iron the same way for the front of the collar.
  • Yoke: Iron the yoke area starting from the neck outwards to the center of the shirt. If there are pleats at the yoke, iron the pleats flat in the direction of the fold.
  • Cuff: Similar to the collars, iron the cuffs inside out. Always remember to lay the sleeves flat and start from the cuff upward, then iron the other side as well.
  • Shirt body: Iron the torso starting from the shoulders down to the shirt ends. Do it step by step starting from the right torso panel then to the left panel. This will keep each side equally well-ironed. Remember to iron in-between the buttons as well with the iron tip.

BKK Bespoke Shirts

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