Banks around BKK Bespoke (Bangkok)


Banks around BKK Bespoke 

Bangkok Bank- To manage your finances conveniently, simply visit a Bangkok Bank branch. They provide a complete range of everyday banking services including opening accounts, deposits, cash withdrawals, fund transfers and bill payments. You can also apply for mutual funds, bank assurance and home loans and make transactions using express banking services which are open 24-hours each day. It is located at exchange tower near to Bts Asok. The walking distance from Bangkok bank to trendy office is 10 minutes.

Bangkok Bank
Citi Bank

Citi Bank - Citibank reserves the right to do the instant card for the application that have the completeness of documentation and verification process. Card approval is subject to bank's terms & condition. For Business Owners & Self-employed applicant, approval processing time is depending on the quantity of statement. For Interest Earner applicant, the financial instrument must show the continual period not less than 6 months. Amount required are upon bank's terms & conditions. It is located at interchange near to Bts Asok. The walking distance from bank to trendy is 10 minutes. 

Kasikorn bank- Kasikorn bank Public Company limited provides commercial banking services including personal and commercial banking, international trade, as well as investment banking services, to its customers throughout Thailand. The walking distance fro bank to trendy is 10 minutes. 

Kasikorn Bank

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