Shirt Plackets

“Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you are wearing”

A good shirt separates you from the rest and it shows that you choose for quality. The shirts at BKK Bespoke are distinguished by their perfect fit and quality visible in every detail. Very fine stitching, unlimited choice of collars, cuffs, other details and an extreme wide selection of fabrics.

The Wedding March 2019

Best wishes to Bob and his wife on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together. Thank you for tailoring with us for the best day of your lifetime - the wedding Suit and Shirt by #BKKBespoke

Traveling Tailor - Book an Appointment

BKK Bespoke - Traveling Tailor. Meet our tailors in your country (city). Book an appointment online at or email: or Whatsapp: +66-99-389-6165 Looking forward to tailor for you soon.

Fancy Prestige 130's

Premium Fabrics available now at #BKKBespoke - Fancy Prestige 130's
Its fineness below 18 microns and its hand full of passionate impulses make this article the archetypal of Tailored Cerruti’s world.
The exasperated research in the yarns used is a multi-faceted and versatile proposal, where, thanks to the good performance and poor creasivity make it a good traveling companion.

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