Design Your Own Suit #BKKBespoke

To Design Your Own Suit or Custommade the Suit, there are many options for you to select and design to your preference. Unlike regular off-the-shelf suits, which comes with fixed designs and options.

Designing Your Own Suit, gives yourself a Luxury Look and the fun of dressing up yourself, with your own style - different from the crowd. Specializing your Suit with what you are looking for.

Here are the styles and options available for your Custommade - Bespoke Jacket & Trousers / Suit #BKKBespoke

Bespoke Suits - You can choose from a range of natural linings for suits, embroidered initials or full name inside the jacket, hand-picked stitching, and hand-made button holes; we can personalize anything to your preference.

Our suits also come with the finest canvas interfacing, which provides a natural feel and easy-flowing fit. For our suits fabrics we have 4 types of fabrics quality that are bronze which is Silk Polyester, the second one is Silver which is less polyester, the third one is gold which is 50% cashmere wool and the last one 60 to 80% Merino wool.

There are 10 styles of suits for men are single and double-breasted suit jackets, Suits jackets button, Sack, Structured and Fitted Silhouettes, Soft, Roped and Structured Suit Jacket Shoulders, Notch, Peak and Shawl Suit Lapels, Suit Jacket Pocket Types, Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons, Vent less, Single and Double Suit Jacket Vents, Lapel Button-hole.
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