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Custom-made Shirts - Wrinkle-less / Easy-Iron Shirts; 100% Cotton Shirts; with Special Inner Collar, Inner Cuffs, Monogram, 10+ Style of Collars, Cuffs.




Formal - Oxford Shoes / Double Monk straps / Brogue Shoes. Sermi-Formal Loafers - Penny / Tassels / Horsebit and more. Genuine Leather - Custommade Shoes - Made in Thailand with Imported Australian and Italian Leather

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Whatsapp: +66-99-389-6165; Line: BKKBESPOKE กรุงเทพฯ(Bangkok) เว็บไทยโทร 063-442-4166 ; California: +1 (415) 577-1567

505-14 Shadow Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-13 Steel Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-12 Wood/Brown Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-11 Peanut/Brown Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-9 Midnight Blue Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-8 Burgundy Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-5 ASH Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

505-4 LAVA Sharkskin Suit

$559.00 $449.00

Finest Custom-made

Bespoke Suits

Cashmere Wool, Merino Wool, Premium 50% - 100% Wool; available for online and in Bangkok, Singapore, and California

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Bespoke Shoes

Custom-made Loafers - Oxford Shoes - Genuine Leather - Australian and Italian Leather Shoes

imported stones

Stone Bracelets

The custom-made Bracelets with Imported Stones

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บริการถึงที่บ้าน ออฟฟิศ และโรงแรมของคุณ นัดหมาย สั่งตัดเสื้อชุดสูท เสื้อเชิ้ต กางเกง แบบสดวก รวดเร็วในกรุงเทพฯ โทร 063-442-4166 Line: BKKBESPOKE

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Bespoke Tailoring in Singapore - Click here to Book your appointment Online or Whatsapp: +66-99-389-6165 Wedding Suits, Office Wear and Bespoke Shoes

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Custommade Your Best Suits, Shirts for Wedding or Office Wear in California, San Francisco, and more. Meet our Traveling Tailor at Your Home or Office

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BKK Bespoke will dress the world in customize clothing by being the natural choice for online shopping of made-to-measure wear, quality clothing and accessories. We will capture a significant share from the traditional retail clothing market Professionalism is important for first impressions as well as for representing lasting characteristics and consistency. Continuously dressing well in tailored clothing sends that message of consistency in character and professionalism.

Tailored clothes are made specifically for your body and fit you extremely well. Clothes when proportioned to your body can make you look thinner, taller, etc., more well proportioned and presentable. These clothes, cut and sewn for your body type, your height, weight, etc., are the most flattering choices for clothing that you will not be able to find pre-sewn anywhere else.


Tailor by Appointment:

กรุงเทพฯ (Bangkok) โทร 063-442-4166 Line: BKKBESPOKE;

Singapore:  whatsapp: +66-99-389-6165;

California: +1 (415) 577-1567

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